Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The following group of paintings were done one weekend this summer when Tadhg took the kids to Darien, CT.  I haven't painted since- but it was a nice little slice in time.  The blog is created to document the work.

two panels- Cox Reservation 
The plan all along has been to do a third panel, and work back into these two, but I'm enjoying the "unfinished" quality.

Somewhere Near Cranes

detail of the right panel- Cox Reservation, Essex, MA

On The River- Marshfield
The paintings above were done on the right side of the road, heading back from the cliff.  It kept threatening rain.  I worked quickly, and then a gust of wind dropped the bottom painting in the sea grass.

Girls Night!
 A sketch of Alexandra on the eve of her 4th birthday
She was watching the Jungle Book II.  

Marsh View at Cox Reservation-
(photo is taken out doors and has some light distortion)

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