Monday, December 31, 2012

1-4-13- Subjects in Color at The Sawyer Free Library

On January 4th I will be placing some recent work on display at the Sawyer Free Library gallery in the lobby.  I haven't displayed my work in a public place in sixteen years!  Sixteen years ago, I was 22 years old.  So, what has changed in 16 years?  I've had a couple of career changes, I've carved different paths, I moved 6 times, I experienced some significant relationship shifts, I got my Master's degree in teaching, I got married, I had two children, and in some ways, I like to think I have accomplished a lot, and maybe even grown up a little.  Sometimes taking long breaks from painting, but always feeling the itch, never fully abandoning it- I've continued to work in spurts, and bursts trying to keep the brushes wet and the artist spirt active.  

I created this blog to share my work.  Much of the work on display will be what has been shown here on this blog.  I'm very excited to start the year with a show in the great city of Gloucester.  I'm hoping it is a sign of a creative year to follow.  The works are mostly traditional subjects dominant in landscape,  several still life, and a few figures.   The works on this post are a sampling.

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